David Salmon

Golygwyd gan : maidreanlys No school 02/06/2017

Man geni: Crinow, Narberth

Dyddiad marw: 6/2/1916

Lle bu farw: Somme

Rhyw: Gwrywaidd

  • Dyddiad geni - N/A

    Ble ? - Crinow, Narberth

  • Dyddiad Ymrestrodd - 1915

    Ble ? - Carmarthen

    Oedran - N/A

    Fel -

  • Brwydrau

  • Dyddiad y frwydr - 1/7/1916

    Ble ? - Somme

  • Rhengoedd

  • Rheng Dyddiad - N/A

    Rheng - Fel Milwr Cyffredin

    Gwasanaeth - Y Llynges Frenhinol

    Fel - Royal Welsh Fusiliers

    Rhif gwasanaeth - 31204

  • Dyddiad marw - 6/2/1916

    Ble ? - Somme

Gwybodaeth bellach

He and is brother enlisted in Carmarthen in 1915 and both joined the Royal Field Artillery with consecutive regimental numbers. Together they transferred to the 1st Battalion, the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and again, their new service numbers were consecutive. The 1st Battalion moved to the Somme at the end of January 1916 and the two boys suffered the heavy bombardements that characterised that engagement. David died in the battle on 6th February while his brother, Evan, did os his wounds on the following day. Two sets of letters and notifications arrived at Lowlands Farm.