IndividualPlace of BirthDate of BirthLocation diedDate of Death 
Ellis EvansPenlan, Trawsfynydd1887Pilckem Ridge, Ypres31/07/1917Go to page
Alfred HowellAberystwyth1880France02/09/1918Go to page
Lewis Eynon(not set)Park Hall Camp, Oswestry28/02/1916Go to page
Joachim Bonner(not set)Messines, Belgium06/05/1917Go to page
Evan Owen(not set)21/03/1918Go to page
William Waring1885At a hospital in Le Havre, France.08/10/1918Go to page
Thomas AbrahamNelson, Glamorganshire1896At hospital01/05/1918Go to page
Charles BeresfordBirmingham1875Scimitar Hill, Suvla, Gallipoli21/08/1915Go to page
Henry BirtGloucester1889Le Tronsoy, Somme28/01/1917Go to page
Herbert CarterPaulton, Somerset(not set)08/10/1918Go to page
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