Arthur Ifor Meakin Williams

Date of Birth: 1895

Date of Death: 9/10/1918

Gender: Male

Where buried: Five Points Cemetery, Lechelle, Ffrainc/France

  • Date of birth - 1895

    Where? - N/A

  • Date Enlisted - N/A

    Where? - N/A

    Age - N/A

    As -

  • Ranks

  • Rank Date - N/A

    Rank - As Captain

    Service - British Army

    As - Royal Welsh Fusiliers

    Service number - N/A

  • Awarded medal

  • Award date - N/A

    Was awarded - Type : Mentioned in Dispatches

  • Date of Death - 9/10/1918

    Where? - N/A


  • Mother - Lady Muriel Annie Williams (nee Meakin)
  • Father - Sir Howell Jones Williams


  • "Penrhyn," 263, Camden Rd., London

Additional Information

His father, Sir Howell J Williams, born in Corris, became a London building contractor of some repute, a J.P. and County Councillor for Islington, North London, who always took an active interest in Corris and all things Welsh. Amongst his many philanthropic works, he built and donated the London Welsh Centre in Grays Inn Road, London, to the Young Welsh Association, still going strong today. He also built and donated the Corris Institute Building, along with a trust fund, for the benefit of the local community.

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