IndividualPlace of BirthDate of BirthLocation diedDate of Death 
Trevor Jones(not set)A hospital in Cairo13/05/1917Go to page
Henry Richards(not set)(not set)(not set)30/01/1917Go to page
Albert Young(not set)1895(not set)10/07/1916Go to page
Benjamin Davies(not set)1896(not set)22/04/1918Go to page
Walter Tromans(not set)1888(not set)25/10/1916Go to page
Evan Griffiths(not set)05/10/1917Go to page
David Davies(not set)1897(not set)06/08/1917Go to page
Edgar Powell(not set)1896(not set)23/11/1915Go to page
John Rees(not set)1892(not set)21/02/1916Go to page
Gwilym Harries(not set)1892(not set)28/05/1917Go to page
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