IndividualPlace of BirthDate of BirthLocation diedDate of Death 
John Davies(not set)1892(not set)21/02/1919Go to page
David Owen(not set)1898(not set)18/02/1919Go to page
Frederick TotteyWest Kirby, Chesire187717/02/1919Go to page
John Rees(not set)1887(not set)16/02/1919Go to page
William Barton(not set)(not set)(not set)15/02/1919Go to page
Edwin Edwards(not set)1886(not set)11/02/1919Go to page
John Warlow(not set)1887(not set)10/02/1919Go to page
George Gale(not set)(not set)(not set)09/02/1919Go to page
William CharltonBangor(not set)Bangor08/02/1919Go to page
Harold Skelley(not set)1894(not set)07/02/1919Go to page
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