IndividualPlace of BirthDate of BirthLocation diedDate of Death 
Robert Jones(not set)29/03/1919Go to page
Dewi JonesBangor, Gwynedd1898Bangor, Gwynedd23/03/1919Go to page
Thomas Rees(not set)1879(not set)18/03/1919Go to page
David Jones(not set)1899(not set)28/02/1919Go to page
James Jenkins(not set)1893(not set)26/02/1919Go to page
Hugh Hughes(not set)(not set)(not set)26/02/1919Go to page
Hugh Hughes(not set)Bangor26/02/1919Go to page
Daniel Horne(not set)1893(not set)25/02/1919Go to page
Clifford Thomas189724/02/1919Go to page
Edwin GilbertCardiff189023/02/1919Go to page
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