IndividualPlace of BirthDate of BirthLocation diedDate of Death 
Cecil Long-Price(not set)1878(not set)07/08/1915Go to page
Charles Martin(not set)1887(not set)08/08/1915Go to page
William Jones(not set)1890(not set)08/08/1915Go to page
Raymond Pauling(not set)1894(not set)08/08/1915Go to page
Owen Ellis1894Turkey08/08/1915Go to page
Franklin Gillespie(not set)1873(not set)09/08/1915Go to page
Hugh Hughes(not set)09/08/1915Go to page
Thomas Collier(not set)(not set)(not set)09/08/1915Go to page
David Sapple(not set)1898(not set)10/08/1915Go to page
John Pattison(not set)1891(not set)10/08/1915Go to page
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