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For a detailed biography of every man who lost has life during the course of The Great War and is commemorated on The Meifod War memorial please visit:-
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Service persons

Name Rank Regiment/Battalion Date of death
David Bowen Private other 07/12/1916
Edward Bowen Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 27/02/1917
William Corbett Private other 28/04/1917
Henry Davies Private other 23/07/1918
David Evans Second Lieutenant Royal Engineers 14/09/1916
Robert Griffiths Private other 01/12/1917
John Jehu Lieutenant other 28/11/1917
Charles Jones Private other 05/04/1916
Evan Jones Private other 25/05/1915
Pryce Jones Private other 31/10/1917
Richard Jones Private other 06/11/1915
Walter Jones Private other 12/07/1916
Meyricke Lloyd Captain Royal Welsh Fusiliers 23/10/1914
Solomon Llywarch None other 15/09/1916
Matthew Thomas None Royal Welsh Fusiliers 23/08/1918
Francis Richards Lance-Corporal other 13/10/1918
Griffith Ridge Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 25/05/1918
Henry Roberts Lieutenant other 27/12/1917
John Rogers Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 22/03/1918
Howard Thomas Private other 22/08/1918
John Thomas Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 31/07/1917
David Wilding Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 26/03/1917
John Williams Private Royal Engineers 31/07/1917
John Williams Sergeant other 01/11/1917
Charles Williams-Wynn Second Lieutenant other 29/10/1914