Welsh Book of Remembrance / Llyfr y Cofio

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Temple of Peace, King Edward VII Avenue, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3AP




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The Welsh Book of Remembrance is a beautifully decorated volume containing the names of around 35,000 men and women of Welsh birth and parentage and also those who served with Welsh Regiments who lost their lives during the First World War. The volume measures approximately 32 x 48 x 15cm and contains just over 1000 pages, each page displaying around 40 names written by professional scribes in neat calligraphy. The Book is held in the Crypt at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff. To reflect the fact that most of the men and women named in the Book died in Belgium or France the glass casing is French and the marble pedestal is Belgian. The Book is being digitised and transcribed as part of the Wales for Peace project, led by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, and in collaboration with the National Library of Wales (2015-16).

Service persons

Name Rank Regiment/Battalion Date of death
William Bale Private Welsh Regiment 18/02/1915
Percy Adolph None None 17/02/1915
Frederick Bailey None None None
Alfred Brimble None None None
George Broadhead None None None
Norman Evans None None 03/10/1916
William Box other other 09/04/1918
Frederick Parsons other None 10/10/1918
John Sutton None None None
Edwards Davies None None 06/11/1917
David Jones Captain Welsh Regiment 12/07/1916
Trevor Lewis Private Royal Army Medical Corps 20/09/1916
Henry Evans Second Lieutenant other 03/09/1916
Thomas Morris None None 12/05/1916
Robert Morris None None 15/07/1916
Griffith Morris None None 03/03/1916
Charlie Kortegas Lance Corporal Welsh Regiment 30/07/1918
Arthur Lewis Lieutenant other 10/07/1917
Charles Lewis Lieutenant South Wales Borderers 18/08/1915