Capel Seion Chapel, Treforus/Morriston

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Clase Road, Tirpenny Road, Morriston




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Roll of Honour






Column 1 - Private Evan Bowen/ Private Daniel James/ Major T.R.Harris/ Captain Phillip P. Jones/ Lieut Thomas J. Jones/ Private Aubrey Jones/ Lieut D.J.Howells/ Private Berwyn John/ Private Emrys John/ A.B. W.J.Hodge/ Sergt John Powell/ Private W.R.Williams/ Private Sidney Lewis/ Private Griffith Joseph/ Driver Trevor Joseph/ Private Thomas Davies/ Signaller Trevor T. Davies/ Private Tom Morgans/ Gunner Brinley Rees/ Private Tom Tanner/ Private W. J. Morris/ Private Willie Jones/ Private Eddie John/ A.B. William Thomas/ Corpl Ben Watkins/ Private Charles Parry/ Private William V. Evans/ Sergt T. M.Jones/ Gunner John Jones/ Sergt D. M. Phillips/ Sergt Wm J. Rees Trooper Iorwerth Bowen/ Lce-Cpl Edward John/ COLUMN 2:Driver Thomas John/ Private Fred G. Edwards/ Corpl Thomas R. John/ Sgt W.F.Harris/ AB David H.James/ Pte Ivor Jones/ Stoker David R.Jones/ Private Evan P.Lloyd/ Private Sidney Ayres/ Private Glyn Morgan/ Private Gilbert Hodge/ Private D. J. Williams/ Private Ivor Phillips/ A.B.David Morgans/ Private Ambrose John/ Private Tom James/ Driver David James/ Private Joseph Jenkins/ Private P. R. Buckland/ Private Samuel B. Davies/ Private Johnny James/ Sergt Willie Tracey/ Driver Willie Rees/ Private Johnny Jenkins/ Private M. W. Roberts/ Private Richard James/ Private M. D. Williams/ Driver W. T. Davies/ Gunner Sidney B. Jones/ Private Haydn John/ Private Sidney Rees/ Private Willie Jenkins/ COLUMN 3:/ Lce-Cpl Phillip Jones Bombr David T. Lewis/ A.M. Sidney Davies/ Private Thos J. James/ Stoker Joseph Davies/ A.B. Ivor Rees/ Corpl Oswald Davies/ Private Dd J. Williams/ A.B. William Thomas/ A.B. John Williams/ A.B. Dewi James/ A.B. Edward Lewis/ Lieut Sidney John/ Private Thomas Davies/ A.B. Johnny Morgans/ Private David James/ Private Trevor Jones/ Private Eben Williams/ Private John Edwards/ Private Danl Williams/ Private D. Joseph Jones/ Private Willie D. Jones/ Private T. Llew Davies/ Private David Davies/ Lieut Tom Davies/ Sergt W. J. Richards/ Private John Evans/ Private Johnny Davies/ Private Henry Parry/ Private Evan Powell/ A.B. Tom Thomas/ Stoker Ivor Powell/ Stoker Robert Evans


Cofres y Gwroniaid/ Capel Seion Treforus/ Y Beibl Sanctaidd/ Goleuni / y Bywyd/ Cyflwynedig gan Ysgol Sul Seion Treforis i/ goffa ei Bechgyn fu’n gwasanaethu ym Myddin a/ Llynges Prydain yn adeg Rhyfel Mawr 1914-18// List of Heroes/ Seion Chapel, Morriston/ The Holy Bible/ Light/ the Life/ Presented by Morriston Seion Sunday School/ to remember our Boys who served in the British/ Army and Navy during the Great War 1914-1918

Service persons

Name Rank Regiment/Battalion Date of death
Trevor Joseph other Royal Engineers 17/02/1915
Haydn John Private Tank Corps 02/09/1918
Thomas Morgan other Royal Army Service Corps 15/08/1916