Neuadd Goffa Llandudno Junction Memorial Hall

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Penrhos Avenue, Llandudno Junction




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Diolch i Eryl Prys Jones o brosiect Conwy a'r Rhyfel Mawr am rhannu'r llun yma gyda ni. Thank you very much to Eryl Prys Jones from the Conwy and the Great War project for sharing this photograph with us.


LET US REMEMBER/ THE MEN OF LLANDUDNO JUNCTION/ WHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE (gadewch i ni gofio/ dynion Llandudno Junction/ a wnaeth yr aberth goruchaf). THE GREAT WAR (y rhyfel mawr) 1914-1918: Davies, Bryan; Davies, Charles; Davies, Henry; Davies, James; Davies, William; Edwards, Edwin; Ellis, Raymond; Elvey, George L.; Evans, Goronwy; Evans, William J.; Griffiths, Robert; Jones, David; Jones, Hugh W.; Jones, John D; Jones, Thomas H; Jones, T. Kyffin; Nevitt, Thomas; Owen, John R; Parry, Arthur; Parry, William; Roberts, John E.; Roberts, J. S; Roberts, Robert; Roberts, Robert H; Tibbott, Ernest; Williams, David; Williams, George; Williams, H.; Williams, Jack; Williams, John R.; Williams, Peter; Williams, R. B.; Williams, S. Frank Ll; Williams, Thomas J; Williams, T. John; Wyatt, Harold // SECOND WORLD WAR (ail rhyfel byd) 1939-1945: Armstrong, Joseph; Barker, Richard G.; Blundell, John E; Coward, Richard A; Davies, Arthur G; Dodd, John W; Eaton, Cyril T; Edwards, Herbert E; Evans, T. Arthur; Griffiths, A. H. H.; Hughes, A. W.; Hughes, Emrys; Hughes, R. Selwyn; Humphrey, I. B. E.; Joinson, Kenneth R; Jones, Andrew N. V.; Jones, Edward Ll; Jones, Gwilym; Jones, Hedd Wyn; Jones, Hugh E; Jones, John E; Jones, John G; Kennedy, Douglas M; Lewis, George; Lloyd, David C; Owen, Emrys; Parry, David L.; Parry, W. Aerwyn; Potter, Albert; Roberts, H. Alun; Roberts, Joseph E.; Roberts, T. John; Robertson, David A; Rushton, Peter B; Scragg, Francis H; Shields, Alfred E; Williams, Arthur E; Williams, A. J. Heppe; Williams, John; WIlliams, Richard, Williams, Robert/ NYNI AU COFIWN HWY (we will remember them)

Service persons

Name Rank Regiment/Battalion Date of death
George Elvey Lance Corporal Royal Welsh Fusiliers 07/07/1916
Thomas Nevitt Private Royal Army Service Corps 13/11/1918
Thomas Jones Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 06/07/1916
Charles Davies Air Mechanic None 01/07/1918
Edwin Edwards other Royal Artillery 11/02/1919
Goronwy Evans other Royal Artillery 28/10/1917
William Evans Private South Wales Borderers 28/05/1918
David Jones Private South Wales Borderers 31/07/1917
Thomas Jones other Royal Engineers 26/06/1918
John Owen Lance Corporal Royal Welsh Fusiliers 25/09/1915
William Parry other Royal Artillery 15/06/1917
John Roberts Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 17/08/1917
H Williams other Royal Engineers 01/12/1918
Thomas Williams Private Royal Welsh Fusiliers 09/10/1915