Zeppelin Attack

20th January 1915

Germany attacks Britain for the first time using a Zeppelin (airship)

Two Zeppelins attacked towns on the Norfolk coast on January 20th 1915. Samuel Alfred Smith and Martha Taylor were both killed during the attack on Great Yarmouth. They became the first British civilians to die in an aerial bombardment.

Two more people were killed in a later attack on Kings Lynn.

Germany sent 55 Zeppelin raids during the war. In total, the raids killed about 250 people. In 1917 the Germans also started using bomber aircraft to bomb Britain.

What is a Zeppelin?

The Zeppelin was a type of airship designed by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. The Zeppelin had a metal skeleton containing big balloons filled with hydrogen. It had a propeller to move it along, powered by an internal combustion engine.

Local people inspect the damage to the Post Office in Great Yarmouth.