Welsh Guards at Loos


The newly-formed Welsh Guards see action for the first time at the Battle of Loos. On the evening of the 27th of September, they try to capture an area of high ground called Hill 70. Captain Osmond Williams, son of Sir Arthur Osmond Williams, 1st Baronet and Liberal Member of Parliament for Merioneth (1900-1910), died from wounds sustained during the battle.

The Battle of Loos is also important because the British use poison gas for the first time. They make some gains against the Germans but suffer 50,000 casualties.

Service persons

Richard Garnons Williams 25/09/1915
Ivor Rees 05/08/1916
William Bodman 03/09/1916
Wyndham Phillips 25/09/1915
Sydney Williams 20/10/1915
Albert Beynon 25/09/1915
Richard Williams-Bulkeley 28/03/1918
Thomas Davies 27/09/1915
Jethro Davies 25/09/1915
William David 02/10/1915
John Davies 25/09/1915
David Orrells 09/08/1917